37 Commits (53f6b760fe21821169fdb0ee8ebe0e347bdfa44a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  exttex 53f6b760fe 1.1.24 - FLAC for HiFi users 3 months ago
  exttex 6302f54fbd Revert to encrypted 3 months ago
  exttex 5b3185c0f4 1.1.21 4 months ago
  exttex 9974c1ea63 1.1.20 - self describing code (jk read telegram changelog) 5 months ago
  exttex 15f7638854 1.1.19 - minor changes 6 months ago
  exttex 85f293893a 1.1.18 - imagine useful commit messages 7 months ago
  exttex 984a5d9296 New git 7 months ago
  exttex 227f22180a 1.1.17 8 months ago
  exttex 025569bbb7 1.1.16 8 months ago
  exttex babaa68d91 1.1.15 - importer fixes, queue virtual scroller 9 months ago
  exttex b0ebe66d54 1.1.14 - importing and what not 9 months ago
  exttex def6d5286d 1.1.13 (what is a descriptive commit message?) 9 months ago
  exttex 87eb351e80 1.1.12 9 months ago
  exttex 5c40db1242 1.1.11 - UI changes, volume curve etc 10 months ago
  exttex 74f049ac71 Merge branch 'master' into 'master' 11 months ago
  Xandar Null f000aef02a Master 11 months ago
  exttex 163b76e1fe README.md 11 months ago
  exttex 80351d6a0b 1.1.10 11 months ago
  exttex 0a467966cb 1.1.7 - cli, sorting, maximize, bugs... 11 months ago
  exttex 8648e6df41 1.1.6 UI fixes, electron public api call 12 months ago
  exttex 9fab54951c 1.1.5 - shuffle, discord, task bar icon, title bar fix 12 months ago
  exttex 416d65f310 Fixed removing/adding to library, label tag 12 months ago
  exttex 7eb047bae1 1.1.3 - Autocompletion fixes, crossfade fixes, more languages 12 months ago
  exttex b5771b8a25 README.md Update 12 months ago
  exttex 2b8f14df57 1.1.2 - Crossfade, theming 12 months ago
  exttex d722e4b4b0 Fixed bug 12 months ago
  exttex fbafb4286d 1.1.0 - Translations, downloads, bug fixes 12 months ago
  exttex 2f8bca3dfb Another download fix 1 year ago
  exttex 9b4aca64e3 Download & other bug fixes 1 year ago
  exttex 80f6cbf870 Bug fixes, better lyrics, sorting 1 year ago
  exttex 83860ff052 1.0.6 - Discord integration, logging, bugfixes 1 year ago
  exttex 863c1aff40 Shuffle/Repeat fixes, Prebuilt frontend, Linux icon, Playback errors, Unsynced lyrics, Bug fixes 1 year ago
  exttex 27b55a4876 Download quality fallback, shuffle, repeat, lastfm 1 year ago
  exttex a77d8437bd Download un-sync fix, playback history 1 year ago
  exttex 96db2c3753 Playback error fix, downloading on windows crash fix, logging POC 1 year ago
  exttex 736fa01161 Artist page changes, explicit marking, bug fixes 1 year ago
  exttex b94234c8e7 First release 1 year ago