119 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  RemixDev d3a0b5674a Made downloadObject optional in streamTrack 2 weeks ago
  RemixDev e6f63c4286 Handle settings corruption issue 2 weeks ago
  RemixDev 8d2a179118 Don't save BPM to tags if not found 3 weeks ago
  RemixDev 509d1b57c5 v3.5.4 3 weeks ago
  RemixDev 024e7afed7 Fixed BAD STARTING SYNC issue when downloading some MP3s 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev ce1105ed96 Fixed `Cannot read property 'includes' of undefined` error 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev a18c04acd4 Add POPM for ID3v2 & FLAC tag 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev 85132da563 Code parity 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev a89c6b5fbe Removed unused import 1 month ago
  RemixDev 46885fa954 Fixed ID3v1 tagging issue 1 month ago
  RemixDev 2cc3df059a Add stack to unknown error report 1 month ago
  RemixDev a47278ce65 API: Added option to inject genere tag from external sources for tracks 1 month ago
  Jera c7dd1a0c70 Code Cleanup 2 months ago
  Jera 8125a31fce Correctly Capatilize After Opening Bracket 2 months ago
  Jera 0019c9656b Correctly Capatilize After Opeining Bracket 2 months ago
  Jera 930e95653c Modify Title Case 2 months ago
  RemixDev 49eb79ccf9 Logging strings changed 3 months ago
  RemixDev 529e899cdb Fixed error imports 3 months ago
  RemixDev 2364de59e5 Implemented formatListener 3 months ago
  RemixDev 77e453c5ed Code parity between libraries 3 months ago
  RemixDev d5a22abbe2 Fixed typo 3 months ago
  RemixDev dafee37945 Moved errors in separate file 3 months ago
  RemixDev 1d1317c135 Cleaned up duplicate value extrasPath 3 months ago
  kermit 08ae889a09 Expose extrasPath to REST API 3 months ago
  RemixDev 2f2d7648d6 Fixed mp3 fallback for unreleased tracks 3 months ago
  RemixDev e0c72296d3 Fixed alternative checking 3 months ago
  RemixDev 5d2c7ff200 Fixed bitrate fallback not working 3 months ago
  uh wot 659808dcec
fixed downloading user-uploaded tracks 3 months ago
  RemixDev 44a0e1801b Started working on log formatting 3 months ago
  RemixDev 705987b597 Implemented errors for deezer-js 1.0.5 3 months ago
  RemixDev 134fae219b Fixed download of empty playlists 3 months ago
  RemixDev 6e1d126f30 Fixed blowfish library 3 months ago
  RemixDev 34cc000f8d Fixed truncated files on server mode 3 months ago
  RemixDev 159f527d9a Added Blowfish decryption fallback 3 months ago
  RemixDev 4c935fa2e3 Added support for deezer-js 1.0.2 3 months ago
  RemixDev 772087cc45 Fixed lib not decrypting tracks 3 months ago
  RemixDev ce285398b3 Added error handling for new url system 3 months ago
  RemixDev e2d4a831ec Implemented new url system 3 months ago
  RemixDev facb2a72d1 v3.2.1 - Use promisified pipeline instead 3 months ago
  RemixDev 7c8f9917ac Reverted back to crypted streams 3 months ago
  uh wot afd5535945
fixed track downloading 3 months ago
  RemixDev f9f451f13e Fixed date tag not being 4 numbers 3 months ago
  RemixDev 895576c9d6 Make sure the new cover md5 exists before overwriting it 4 months ago
  RemixDev 6279bc6c5d Added missing await for retriveFilesizes 4 months ago
  RemixDev 4c65a4178d Removed saveDownloadQueue and tagsLanguage from lib settings 4 months ago
  RemixDev a14677155b Fix concurrency issues when downloading covers 4 months ago
  RemixDev 638c621a4a Don't save empty covers in mp3 4 months ago
  RemixDev b4386216a3 Fixed SYLT tag error 4 months ago
  uh wot caa2ef81f3
fixed crash on download cancel 4 months ago
  RemixDev d2f493fce2 Added file content check when saving flac covers 4 months ago