618 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  RemixDev c8bda282d1
v3.4.4 3 weeks ago
  RemixDev 2694b05b9d
Fixed misspell in utils/deezer 3 weeks ago
  RemixDev 385cdce2c0
Added more info to files in downloadObject 3 weeks ago
  RemixDev 5d1102c6a7
v3.4.3 1 month ago
  RemixDev a705794a91
Merge code cleanup 1 month ago
  RemixDev caee30f37c Merge pull request 'fix KeyError in convertTrack and generateTrackItem' (#20) from jojo/deemix-py:spotify_fix into main 1 month ago
  RemixDev 242465eb21 Merge pull request 'Fix error "AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'name'" when attempt to downloading an artist' (#16) from AllsGamingHD/deemix-py-fork:main into main 1 month ago
  J0J0 T c4f11aef7c fix KeyError in convertTrack and generateTrackItem 1 month ago
  TheoD02 bb00dd218d Fix error "AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'name'" when attempt to downloading an artist 2 months ago
  RemixDev 01bcd9ce37
v3.4.2 2 months ago
  RemixDev 8d84b9f85a
Fixed #12 2 months ago
  RemixDev 87e83e807f
Fixed download oversight 2 months ago
  RemixDev 2d3d6d0699
Made rating an optional tag 2 months ago
  RemixDev 09f087484d Merge pull request 'add POPM on ID3 and RATING on Flac' (#14) from TheoD02/deemix-py-fork:feature/id3_popm into main 2 months ago
  TheoD02 4c119447f5 add POPM on ID3 and RATING on Flac 2 months ago
  RemixDev 44d018a810
v3.4.1 2 months ago
  RemixDev 41469cee64
Fixed url test when url is None 2 months ago
  RemixDev 8cea4289d1
v3.4.0 2 months ago
  RemixDev ec3a6de8df
Logging strings changed 2 months ago
  RemixDev 3030140e15
Implemented formatListener 2 months ago
  RemixDev 1859f07842
Added missing error imports 2 months ago
  RemixDev 2e7c5c4e65
Code parity between libraries 2 months ago
  RemixDev e4f677e6b4
Implemented new getPreferredBitrate function 2 months ago
  RemixDev 8d325d5321
Move extrasPath to DownloadObject 2 months ago
  RemixDev 834de5a09c
Moved errors in dedicated file 2 months ago
  RemixDev 0b8647845c
Updated setup.py 2 months ago
  RemixDev 43112e28eb
v3.3.3 2 months ago
  RemixDev 8894ba7862
Fixed mistype in downloader.py 2 months ago
  RemixDev 49dddea45e
Version bump to 3.3.2 2 months ago
  RemixDev 3b3146f220
Changes to make the lib work with deezer-py 1.0.2 2 months ago
  RemixDev d0cf20db8f
Fixed lib not decrypting tracks 2 months ago
  RemixDev 7536597495
v3.3.0 2 months ago
  RemixDev 4d5ef2850e
Fixed #10 2 months ago
  RemixDev 7efaa6aaf7
Fixed #11 2 months ago
  RemixDev aa69439967
Added error handling for new url system 2 months ago
  RemixDev 90b3be50e9
Implemented new url system 2 months ago
  RemixDev 7838d4eefe
v3.2.2 2 months ago
  RemixDev e11c69101b
Fixed #9 2 months ago
  RemixDev 092e96f4bd
Version bump to 3.2.0 2 months ago
  RemixDev c007d39e15
Reverted back to crypted streams 2 months ago
  RemixDev d80702e949
Updated .gitignore 2 months ago
  RemixDev e194588d39
Version bump to 3.0.4 2 months ago
  RemixDev a7dd659e22
Added better error reporting for generation in cli 2 months ago
  RemixDev 4119617c6b
Fixed spotify plugin not working #7 2 months ago
  RemixDev 263ecd4be0
Fixed #6 2 months ago
  RemixDev 11447d606b
Version bump to 3.0.3 3 months ago
  RemixDev 536caee401
Fixed cli 3 months ago
  RemixDev 07bdca4599
Made artist download work 3 months ago
  RemixDev 4e1485f8d6
Fixed subscriptable issue 3 months ago
  RemixDev f0c3152ffa
Version bump to 3.0.2 3 months ago