Unified Freezer
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This is a lib that serves as UNified FREEZEr backend

Its goal is to replace server stack in FreezerPC and java code from Freezer

This lib primary platforms are:

  • Node (FreezerPC)
  • Android (Freezer)

but there is also low effort to support other platforms including (but not limited to):

  • JVM
  • Web
  • Electron
  • ...

And maybe someday FreezerPC will be liberated from Chromium/Electron/Node



To use this lib in node you must compile it to node package with: ./gradlew packJsNpmPublication. Result is unfreeze/build/publications/npm/unfreeze-[version].tgz so to push it to npm git branch for release use: ./npm.sh [version]

Use git npm branch: "unfreeze": "git+https://git.freezer.life/p24/unfreeze.git#npm"

or for using local build: "unfreeze": "file:../../unfreeze/build/js/packages/unfreeze-unfreeze"


Add this to settings.gradle.kts:

sourceControl {
   gitRepository(java.net.URI.create("https://git.freezer.life/p24/unfreeze.git")) {

and this to build.gradle.kts:

implementation('f.f.unfreeze:unfreeze') {
    version {
        branch = 'master'

On Freezer

Check out freezer and freezerpc

Structure (TODO)

├── Platypus (Platform wrapper that makes it self comfortable on all platforms and situations like Perry the Platypus)
│   ├── Decryptor
│   ├── flac metadata (TODO)
│   ├── mp3 metadata (TODO)
│   └── axios (TODO)
└── api
    ├── Deezer API (TODO)
    ├── Definitions (TODO)
    ├── Settings (TODO - not decided)
    ├── Importer (TODO)
    └── Downloader (TODO)